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Walz Label Provides Complete Mailing System Automation & Solutions

Mailing Postage Systems Walz Label & Mailing Systems is reputable mailing systems automation company that was established in 1966. As one of the leading suppliers of mailing and postage machines, address printers, and various other mailing system automation solutions, Walz Label & Mailing Systems is recognized throughout Illinois as the top company for related mailing and shipping equipment, as well as much more.

The company, which has its headquarters in Central Illinois, started as a small family company and has grown tremendously over the years to become the undisputed leader in the industry. They have grown with their customers through providing mailing and other automation solutions that meet all the customer's unique needs.

Walz Label & Mailing Systems now offers postage and mailing machines, shredders, inserters, addressing printers, sorters, and a complete offering of document handling equipment. They are therefore able to serve customers in trucking, shipping, warehousing and manufacturing industries as well as those in the health and education sectors. The company also has the ability to service bar code reader in any retail store in Illinois.

What sets Walz Label & Mailing Systems above all other companies in the industry is their ability to offer unique products and services at affordable prices. They offer good service and always remain active in the community whereby they won't let a chance to interact with their clients pass by.

Your Complete Postage Systems Solution

Below are just a few areas of specialty that make Walz Label & Mailing Systems top of its class in office mailing machines and systems.

Material handling and logistics automation

They design, build and support logistics solutions that ensure a perfect flow of both material and information. They provide you with distribution and warehouse logistics systems, material handling automation, print and labeling applications, order fulfillment solutions, software and services.

All these products and services provides for better inventory control, higher productivity and SKU throughput. There is always a product for the entire handling and logistics process from receiving, storage and retrieval, conveyor and transport, picking and shipping.

Product identification and asset tracking

The company provides labeling, AIDC (automatic identification data capture) solutions that provide for quick and accurate means of collecting and entering data throughout your business organization hence streamlining operations and maximizing products.

They have integrated hardware and software solutions that are designed for tracking across different regions. These innovative products' features cut application time by half! You will therefore be able to trace, manage and automate your assets with no hustle or bustle.

Complete office solutions

As a competent office products company, Walz understand the need to keep your office supplied with all the necessary stationery and equipment. They therefore provide you with high quality office solutions that allow your office to run its operations as smoothly as possible. All their products are accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will therefore find the latest bulk mailing systems, labeling machines, printing and labeling machines at the most competitive prices.

Communication and multichannel production

The company provides you with the most recent means of communication channels that your organization can use to communicate with customers. These channels include print, mail, e-text, audio, and mobile/tablet. These channels are installed without having to reprogram the entire applications.

Anytime you are in need of any of the above discussed services, then Walz Label & Mailing Systems should be your only stop. The company has been in the industry for the last 4 decades whereby it has established a reputation of always providing the best products and services.

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