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Profiling the Top Peoria Web Design Company

When it comes to naming the top Peoria web design company in the central Illinois area, it was a tough battle of research and analysis. Before we state our pick as the top web design firm in Peoria, IL, lets look at some of the elements that we considered when doing our research.

Qualities That Define the Best Web Design Companies

In determining the top Peoria website design provider, we evaluated each candidate based on some of the following components:

  • SEO-friendly Web Design Capabilities - only some of the most skilled Peoria web design companies can develop sites with SEO in mind. Some take their services even deeper in offering complete SEO solutions.
  • CMS-Supported Websites - it's one thing to request content edits with your Peoria web designer (which can take hours, if not days to complete.) Managing your own website on a CMS is the preferred solution.
  • Reliable Email & Web Hosting - not only do most businesses in Peoria need a custom web design, but they also need to support their website with email and web hosting services, too.
  • Quality of Web Designs - attractiveness, clarity and cleanliness, navigation and usability, inclusion of branding elements, and other quality-focused considerations were assess when analyzing each Peoria website design company.
  • Reputation for Peoria Web Design - the longevity (years in business) and client portfolio of each Peoria web design firm we assessed was taken into consideration.

Top Pick Among Peoria Web Design Providers

Based on the criteria mentioned above, there was one Peoria web design company that stood out from the crowd. That was OIC Group, Inc. With a long-standing track-record of offering over 12 years of experience providing web design and develop to it Peoria client base, OIC Group has earned a reputation in the local community for its fully-custom web marketing solutions.

In addition to providing local Peoria web design, OIC Group also offers an abundance of solutions in web and email hosting, domain registration, mobile app development, ecommerce, SEO, PPC, social media, and much more. To learn more about this Peoria SEO and web design company, visit their website at www.OICGroup.net or connect with them on Facebook.

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