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Volumetric Load Scanner: An Affordable Alternative to Truck Scales

Volume Load ScannerThe volumetric load scanner by Walz Scale is designed to measure load volumes in real time for trucks in motion. The effectiveness and ability of the load scanner technology to offer automated volume calculations for loaded trucks makes it ideal for different industries ranging from mining companies to waste management and road construction.

The volumetric load scanner provides world class features that give it an affordable advantage over some of the most expensive truck scale systems. Some of these features include in-motion load scanning capability, low maintenance, volumetric systems and simple setup platform.

If the volumetric load scanner seems like the perfect alternative to investing in high-cost truck scales, then Walz Scale is one of your best options. Below we go into more detail why Walz Scale's load scanner offers the best technology to help you manage your loads.

Features That Make the Load Scanner Exceptional

Volumetric Load Scanner offers the seamless ability to offer automatic volume calculations for loaded trucks makes it ideal for multiple applications in various industries that range from road construction to bark and mulch, waste, salt, demolition, mining, grain and aggregate and sand industries.

System Functionality: The system provides operators and managers with real time load volumes for trucks in-motion. It will calculate the actual weight by comparing the loaded scans to the empty scans already in the system. The system will then offers a multitude of reporting and load imagery for every truck making it easy to manage and control the trucks.

Advanced System Components: The basic system is made up of a PC or laptop, 3D laser scanners and a mounting hardware. The load scanner is designed for companies and individuals who need an affordable solution that solves the problems common with full truck scales.

Effective Management Software: The load scanner system is powered by Payload Pro Operating System that provides real time data to operators and managers. The management software is designed with highly effective and advanced management tools that enable users to easily manage their truck loads.

3D Load Images: The load scanner is capable of producing high definition 3D load images for every truck, which offers managers and operators with additional benefits to managing their trucks. The images can help operators and managers manage load position, monitor spillage, material compaction and monitor carry back.

Customized Reporting: If you have special reporting needs, it is possible to customize the system as to your exact reporting needs. The load scanner also makes it easy to manage the load tickets once generated. You can print, email or upload them to your cloud account.

Easy System Automation: You can easily automate your load scanner by integrating it with Video Vehicle Recognition Systems or RFID. The automation tools make it suitable for un-manned operations.

How to Use the Volumetric Load Scanner

It is easy to use the unit. You need to first scan an empty truck with the load scanner. The empty scan will be logged into the system. When the truck is loaded, the scanner system will be able to generate the actual carried volume by comparing the loaded scans to the logged empty scan of the truck. The volumetric scanner technology comprises of highly advanced 3D laser scanners, mounting hardware and a PC or laptop.

The technology is suitable to people looking for an effective affordable solution that offers reduced maintenance costs and minimum setup costs. The scanner system is monitored by an easy to use Payload Pro Operating System designed to offer highly advanced reporting features and real time data to managers and operators.

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