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Walz Scale Introduces New Line of Cubing Systems & Dimensioning Products

Walz Cubing Walz Scale, a trustworthy manufacturer and distributor of truck scales in North America has a new line of dimensional weighing and scanning systems designed for distribution warehouse, shipping centers, and supply chain management operations.

Dimensional weighing products combine the industry's most vibrant equipment with in-motion systems to create a weighing solution that is fully functional. For instance, the in-motion package scanner (IMPS) utilizes an in-motion cubing system to provide real time dimensions of packages on conveyors. The system's advanced technology and convenient design makes it easy to integrate with other already existing conveying systems.

The new cubing systems and dimensioning products from Walz Scale are designed for organizations that are looking for ways to improve shipping throughput and reduce operating costs. Walz Scale also provides convenient dimensioning and cubing systems perfect for shipping automation and manifest systems.

In addition to being convenient, accurate and affordable, the dimensional scanning system also provides real-time dimensioning and parcel weighing capabilities. The system also provides easy integration to other existing shipping systems, real-time parcel dimension measurements and works with Windows Operating System.

Functional, Accurate, & Affordable Cubing & Dimensioning Solutions

The in-motion cubing system allows automation for advanced shipping or warehousing operations that require high weighing functionality and accuracy cubing. The cubing solution utilizes highly advanced technology that enables high speed operations in highly demanding applications. The system can easily integrate with other existing conveyor systems or operate as a standalone.

Moreover, the in-motion system uses readily available off the shelf components making it possible to replace components by sourcing spare parts locally. The system offers organizations with real-time cubing for freight and inbound manifest, high speed and accuracy shipping applications and it is FedEX/UPS/USPS/DHL dimensional weight compliance.

Static & Dynamic Cubing Systems

The Static Package Scanner (SPS) is a standalone package dimension scanner that comes with a simple but innovative solution that is ideal for POS desk, shipping, warehouse operations and a business looking for a dimensional weighing system that is affordable and accurate. The SPS unit combines innovation with reliable, efficient, and affordable dimensioning. The unit design and industrial grade sensors make it suitable for rough shipping and industrial station applications that need continued operation.

Furthermore, the SPS unit features advanced operational software that is designed to work with almost every Windows-enabled device. The Static Package Scanner integrated software application allows operations to be done in an intuitive, flexible interfacing environment that seamlessly integrates with existing warehousing and shipping systems. This cubing system makes it possible to operate and interface weight and dimensional data directly into organization existing software platforms directly.

Heavy-Duty Dimensional Weighing & Scanning Equipment

In addition to dimensioning and cubing systems, Walz Scale also provides several solutions for organizations that need accurate dimensional weighing and scanner for pallets and large freight solutions. The solutions are designed to offer fast and accurate measurement while withstanding the toughest conditions.

The units are also designed with users in mind. They feature simple data management functionality, which ensures ease of use and effortless integration with other warehousing and shipping management systems. The pallet and large dimensioning systems ensure accuracy in dimensional data by utilizing laser scanners. The scanners are available for outdoor and indoor operations depending on the user applications. Some of the pallet and large freight systems by Walz Scale include In-Motion Cargo Scanner system, Static Cargo Scanner system, and In-Motion Cargo Scanner.

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